One of us. Working for all of us.
Vicki Jensen
Minnesota's First Congressional District

Southern Minnesota Made - The First Congressional District

Just like you, I am proud to be a product of Southern Minnesota. We are a patchwork of many different communities and many different backgrounds but we all share something in common: We are Southern Minnesota Made. 

If we want to hold this seat, we need representation from someone with roots in this district who understands the issues and works hard so our rural communities aren't left behind.

I understand the issues that impact this part of the state because I’ve lived them. I grew up in a rural community and graduated from a rural school. I raised my family, worked our family farm, served on the school board, started a business, and served as State Senator in the Minnesota legislature right here in our district.

In the legislature, I advocated for farm families and fought for educational opportunities and job training, transportation improvements, health care reforms and public safety. In Congress, I will focus on using new approaches to stengthen our local economy so families can find work and stay in the district. The answer isn't another government program; it is more partnerships with private business to develop and provide the most efficient training and retraining programs in the world.

Join me in pushing back against Washington influences, finding new avenues for affordable and accessible healthcare, and taking the handbrake off our economy so Minnesota Made goods and services remain at the forefront of the domestic and global marketplace.